Taking a Step Forward

Hello! Welcome to The Bronze Taiga.

This is the first step outside of my comfort zone. I want to challenge myself to take more risks and stop rejecting potential avenues of adventures. The only way you can find yourself is by putting yourself out there, trying new things, but stay smart about your decisions. Accept the consequences that follow and enjoy yourself!

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do was start a beauty blog. I have always enjoyed playing with different brands of cosmetics, but I have found that my thoughts contradicted with the popular opinion of certain products. Therefore, if there are any girls (or guys) who wish to hear my honest opinions and reviews of products, I hope you enjoy and find it helpful! I also understand that products may/can work differently since everyone has different skin types. Therefore, I hope that you can use The Bronze Taiga as a guide and resource, but take my opinion with a grain of salt. Feel free to leave your own opinions down below because I love learning about different products, different opinions, how I could improve my techniques, etc.

So, whatever I decide to post on this blog, I hope that it can be a documentary of the different aspects of my life as I continue to seek out what I want in life. I can’t wait to look back and see how far I have come.

First OOTD

This photo is a simple outfit I wore today, and a representation of taking my first step on this new journey. Let the adventures begin!



  1. Love your outfit! Welcome to the blogosphere lovely 🙂 I just had a glimpse at your blog and I love it, your posts are all so beautiful and amazing! I am so happy I got to discover you and I can’t wait to read more! ❤


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