Beauty Finds: Sephora Collection Bronzer


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I recently discovered this gem at Sephora that I wanted to share with you all!I was on the hunt for a cool-toned, brown bronzer that was completely matte. With oily-combination skin, there is no time for disco ball shine! True to its description, this bronzer has absolutely no shimmer or glitter, and it’s perfect for adding color and dimension back to the face on top of foundation.


Arm swatch

Here is a picture to show you how it compares to the infamous NYC Sunny Bronzer. The NYC Sunny Bronzer is a little too orange toned, in my opinion, but looks beautiful if used sparingly for contouring instead of all-over bronzing.


Side-by-Side comparison with NYC Sunny Bronzer in natural light

{ Reasons I would recommend the Sephora bronzer }
+ Cool-toned/brown shade
+ 100% Matte
+ Evenly blends
+ Good pigmentation

{ Negatives }
– More than I would like to pay at $17
– Very powdery for a pressed pan bronzer

{ What brushes do I use? }
Contour: Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.
Overall warmth: Fluffy stippling brush -> similar here [light coverage]
Fluffy powder brush -> similar here

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product if you’re searching for a new bronzer to check out.

There are three other shades in the Sephora Collection, but all of them are shimmery. If the shimmery glow is more your thing, let me know what you think about those products! Does it apply like in the pan, toned down, or too much? Also, how do you usually apply bronzer? With a big fluffy brush? Angled bronzer brush?

Let me know if you decide to try out this bronzer, and how it goes for you!

Read more opinions/reviews about this product ->->-> -> SEPHORA COLLECTION Bronzer 3 Los Cabos


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