Beauty Finds: Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

Today I am going to review the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation | Sand 330.

Shot in Natural Lighting

Shot in indirect Natural Lighting

I have never tried a Rimmel Foundation before, and I usually stay away from anything that says “luminous” because that usually equates too bad news. But I was pleasantly surprised! So here are my three cents about this product:

+ Light-Medium coverage

+ Lightly fragranced

+ Satin finish

+ Light, smooth texture on skin

+ Very easy to work with and blend into skin

+ Not as thick as Revlon Colorstay and not as runny as L’Oreal True Match

+ 8+ hours wear

+ Limited color range (330 was the darkest shade available)

+ SPF 18

+ Good price at $6 (prices may vary)

Tools used: Beauty Blender Sponge (wet)

Hand Swatch in Natural Lighting

Hand Swatch in Natural Lighting

Other notes:

  • Coverage: It covers enough to smooth out the skin, but it definitely will not hide dark under-eye circles.
  • Smell: It smells like the typical lotion, light and sweet. Even with my sensitive skin, it has not caused any increased redness or signs of irritation. I actually really enjoy the scent while I apply it to my skin.
  • Skin recommendations: I would actually recommend this for combination & normal skin! The luminous nature of the foundation gives off a very nice, healthy glow that comes off satin, not matte or shiny. I am hesitant to recommend this foundation for dry skin because I noticed that it clung to the dry patches of my skin. But if you’re still interested in trying this product, just make sure to apply a good moisturizer! I would not recommend this for oily skin because it does not have oil-control ingredients. You can certainly try to add a mattifying powder though and see where that takes you.
  • Color range: I am a bit disappointed that this foundation is not available in more colors. Sand 330 was the darkest shade available at my local Ulta, and it was a little too light for me. But it’s nothing that a little bronzer can’t fix! I also noticed that this range came in more pink to neutral skin tones with 330 being a more neutral shade.
  • Texture on skin: I definitely can feel that there is some foundation on my skin, but it is not sticky at all. It also does transfer a little bit if rubbed against a napkin, but otherwise it lasts for 8+ hours!

All in all, I would give this foundation an 8/10 because I definitely appreciate the overall healthy glow and how it helps to even out my skintone for an almost natural finish. If you try this out, please let me know what your thoughts are!

**UPDATE 1.7.2015** I’ve been trying a couple new products lately, and my skin has been very unhappy. My skin has been very dehydrated and bumpy because I haven’t been keeping up with my regular skincare routine since I’ve been visiting with family for the holidays. I don’t think that this foundation is causing the problem, but I will keep y’all updated with my final thoughts after my skin returns to normal. I’m still impressed by how long it stays on the skin, but it does not have very good oil-control (which isn’t what it is advertised for anyways).



  1. I have heard so many good things about this foundation but I never got to try it out yet! Definitively will check it out next time I go to the drugstore. You are so gorgeous by the way ❤


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