{1.1.2015} Start of A New Year

My boyfriend and I decided to make a day trip out to the Santa Cruz Mountains on New Years Day. Gotta start the new year off right, right? It was so gorgeous out that it almost, almost distracted me from how cold it was. Sometimes, nature’s quietness and stillness is frightening. But it has always been a space for deep breaths of fresh air to clear my head. Here are some photos that my boyfriend snapped of me while we were out. I hope you enjoy!



Taking a Step Forward

Hello! Welcome to The Bronze Taiga.

This is the first step outside of my comfort zone. I want to challenge myself to take more risks and stop rejecting potential avenues of adventures. The only way you can find yourself is by putting yourself out there, trying new things, but stay smart about your decisions. Accept the consequences that follow and enjoy yourself!